shruthi venkat

shruthi is a designer, researcher and artist. currently a design for interaction masters student at TU Delft, NL

about me

deep ecology tool kit

 a research project that I have been working on with a designer researcher/academic in India

how can design help reimagine the future

To explore the intersection of imagination, technology and environment
to help young designers develop analytical skills and creative angles to the design of technology in an environmentally friendly manner
- Design Research
- Speculative Design
- Tech and Philosophy

A workshop framework to help instigate ideas in the space

we worked on creating a framework that combines design methods, critical and speculative practices and philosophical ideas, facilitating a collaborative approach to futures thinking whereby technology isn’t detrimental to the natural environment, and reflecting about the role of designers in building it

the tool kit included a set of actitivites, and a set of flash cards . It was codesigned by conducting multiple test runs of the framework. I conducted a few workshops to try out the framework.

the process involved,
Understanding the topic, Scoping needs
Building the framework and tool kit
Co-discovery and co-creating through testing and prototyping