shruthi venkat

shruthi is a designer, researcher and artist. currently a design for interaction masters student at TU Delft, NL

about me


empathy Design labs, a healthcare startup wanted me to work on the entirity of the project from problem identification to execution

how can the taboo around fertility issues be broken down?

to make fertility treatments easier
breaking global taboo surrounding the topic
- Design research
- Interaction design
- Design for social change

online platform for men to open up about fertility treatments

the final platform that is currently being developed. The platform was designed in a manner to promote conversation through a variety of mediums

- stories - to spark a discussion and bring men together
- using the Open Up platform, people are welcome experiences or troubles
- curated sessions, where data is split into Helpers and Seekers
this is the first step in starting the conversation and breaking the taboo
the project is under an NDA and is currently being built. 


phase 1
an exploration into the field of infertility and fertility treatments. Visits to fertility centres and hospitals, interacted with a few couples and doctors

phase 2
focus space-men’s fears, mental and physical health. We sent out a survey where the questions revolved around male mental health and the taboo around infertility
major learnings from survey- Reaffirmed need and impact of such a solution

create a safe space for men to discuss fertility issues. To help men voice issues around fertility and fatherhood