shruthi venkat

shruthi is a designer, researcher and artist. currently a design for interaction masters student at TU Delft, NL

about me

bringing data out of the screen

worked with slow studio for about 8 months in 2021. the goal of my work there was to find ways of manifesting data. 

how can data be communicated ‘affectively’

make it tangible                                                  make it beautiful                                                    give it new forms

making data tangible
we moved data sets into three dimensional sculptures that were 3d printed and presented at the dubai global expo in 2021. the models were 3d printed in sweden and transported to dubai.




these 3d sculptures were taken a step further and explored in the form of animations as well, to show the change in data over time. 

make data beautiful

the goal with this set of explorations was to communicate serious messages through beauty and humour. design fictional, whimsical objects. specifically in this case, air pollution. there were multiple explorations both tangible and intangible. 

objects that make the invisible visible- a soap dispenser that changes the color of the soap based on how good or bad the air outside. The soap makes an effort to tell you the air is bad




or a phone lock screen interaction that shows how impure the air is



the next step was to take it further from just swiping and sliding on a screen. the idea of blowing onto a phone to unlock it was an interesting direction based on the conversations we had with people. 

it resulted in this fictional narrative set in the future, where the visuals are enticing and beautiful. but in reality all the phone lockscreen is dowing is slowing you down and making you think.

We drew parallels with the particles that constitute air pollution, these particles cloud up the screen and exercising one’s lungs is the only way to push them away. We wanted to make it beautiful

first cut of the video

In a study conducted by the Union Health ministry and Indian council of medical research in 2017, it was found that 1 in 8 deaths are attributed to air pollution.

A large chunk of their life is lost and we can’t really see or comprehend this. What if objects around us show us what this mean? These set of concepts explored the idea of what if 1/8th of your life missing




giving data new forms

the last set of explorations were giving data new forms. moving beyond screens, colors and shapes to see what if data can be smelled, tasted or felt? here we used liquid as a medium to experiment if it can show data and catch people’s attention.  “Every 2 minutes a child dies from a water-related disease- on a global scale “ and to show this the tap leaks water every 2 minutes irrespective of its state. 

with this my work at slow studio ended, here’s a more detailed presentation of my projects and work there.