shruthi venkat

shruthi is a designer, researcher and artist. currently a design for interaction masters student at TU Delft, NL

about me

slow studio

during my time at slow studio, I worked on different forms of representing data.

deep ecology principles

in a team of two, we worked on creating a workshop that uses a framework to explore the intersection of technology, imagination, and the environment, discussing and exploring the potential role of deep ecology principles in the design of technologies

driver monitoring system

during my time at intel, I was the sole designer on the autonomous vehicles team. I helped in both physical and digital aspects of the product offering.


during my internship at empathy design labs, I worked on a project from start to end. from research, ideation to final concept in the space of fertility treatements in India


individual project for the ‘exploring interactions’ course at tudelft.  to create an interaction for adults to calm down and not get frustrated while their devices are malfunctioning
group project for the ‘interactive technology design’ course at tudelft. helping ‘braun’ in imagining “How can we use state of the art technologies to find a smarter and more efficient approaches to food?” in the year 2030